Saturday, April 23, 2011

The little things in life

Our little Kyan sure is growing fast!! He is now 5 months and growing. The little things he does to bring a smile to my face. His smile. His laughter. Love this little chunky monkey! :) 

Dakota playing with his toy boat and Chief, our dog,  by his side. My little boy growing so fast. Makes me smile to see how much he has grown. Learning something everyday.

Dakota taking his little brother for a pretend cruise in his truck. I am foreseeing a lot of fun and mischief these two will get into one day. And yes, the bad too. 

Our little indoor surprise.. A chameleon that found it's way into our home. I hope he keeps his distance and I will do the same! He can eat the mosquito's or other little bugs that decide to invade our home. Dakota has named him 'Rex'.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So spring has finally arrived here in Louisiana. The flowers are well on their way to blooming and everything around us is a bright green. I love this time of year here. 
I thought this was a cute picture of Kyan actually sitting in a chair. He has his big brother's hat on. Dakota wouldn't wear it but kept putting it on Kyan so here he is. 
The only flowers I have.. They were given to Dakota from the neighbors. I am surprised I actually remembered to water them on a regular basis and keep them in the sun. After this picture was taken Dakota decided to take all the petals off the smaller flowers. So, now we are down to one flower pot.. I hope the others will grow back. If we can give it plenty of love they should. Maybe I will start a flower bed. I saw a cute way to make a little flowerbed at the flea market this past weekend, so I think I may just want flowers!!
Chief. Our wonderful dog. He is cross-eyed. We don't know what happened to him but he seems to manage. It is cute to watch Dakota play with Chief at times. Other times Chief will get in Dakota's face and then I hear the screams and crying. 
Dakota showing his cuteness. He loves to play outside. I don't think I know a child that doesn't like to play outside. Well I do, but I won't gripe on my blog about that. :) 

A picture of our neighbors garden that is just outside our property line. He grows a lot there every year. He is such a nice older gentleman. This year it looks like he has strawberries, potatoes, green beans, and green onions. I am sure he will plant more throughout the season. He seems to have eased up a little this year as far as tending to daily. Not to worry though he has plenty of family in the area to help him out. Plus we are always here willing to help when he needs.