Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swamp People

We live in the area where the new television series Swamp People has been filmed. How locals hunt for them gators that has been done for many years here in Louisiana. I have to admit that since moving out into the country where there are actual alligators I have come to enjoy watching that show.
Last year was the first year I have ever been close to an alligator in the wild. It was definitely an experience to remember. I would lay awake at night thinking that I had alligators living in my backyard. What a nice thought to think just before going to sleep. We had called Wildlife and Fisheries to help with the "nuisance" animals. I thought that rather weird because those ginormous animals weren't a nuisance to me, they were more of a "oh my stars! how can my child play outside knowing there were prehistoric animals in that pond?" 

How cool is that knowing those live in your backyard? It was scary to know these prehistoric animals were there, but yet it was exciting. Growing up in Canada, this is not a childhood experience, so I am a little thrilled my children will experience this.
It took a little while to catch the first alligator, but when we did it was exciting.  This was a smaller one. My little Dakota was so eager to touch it. I think this one was just over six feet long. They say one can measure the approximate length of an alligator by looking at the eye stumps. The width between the eyes is the length. Or something along those lines. I am not too sure.

The last one caught in our pond. He was still alive when I took this picture. Quite a bit larger than the other one? Thanx to wildlife and fisheries, those "nuisiance" alligators were taken care of for the year. 
So now once again, we are on the hunt for alligators. Not quite sure how this year will turn out. 
This is the only one we have seen so far. If you look closely you can see a white spot. Look to the right of the white spot and that is the alligator. He is definitely a sneaky one.