Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial weekend

We didn't have plans for the weekend at all. Then cliff caught one of the alligators again with some bait and a hook. Once again we had one ready to be taken care of and no one to help us. Of course, all the legal issues are a big deal here so it is understandable that no one will step up to help kill and skin the gator.
Here he is. He has the bait and hook in his mouth. He was not a happy camper. Cliff was only a few feet away from him to get this picture. The alligator was hissing and snapping until cliff cut the rope. Then the alligator slowly went back into the water. He was so dry from the humidity.

 Dakota fishing over at our friends place. He has definitely mastered the fishing. I am so proud of my little boy. He acts so grown up sometimes. Makes me wanna cry. :)
                       Just some of the people visiting.
                    Crawfish! mmm. and so tastey too.
 Kyan all tuckered out from a long hot day. He slept for a good long while.
               Dakota and his new friend Riley.
Riley the pro at peeling crawfish. she would peel them for dakota. What a sweet girl.