Thursday, August 25, 2011



So the boys have a new little cousin. It is hard to believe that little Janet has a baby. I am still trying to grasp that she is married and now she is a mommy. The little bundle, Morgan, arrived into this world August 11, 2011. She was a healthy girl weighing in at 8 pounds 7ounces. Smaller than what Dakota and Kyan weighed, by only a few ounces. 
Janet and Morgan. 

So, now that baby has arrived and all I think we need to make that trip up to Michigan so the cousins can meet. I think the boys will get along great with her. After all, they are all close in age. We live so far away it is hard to make the visit as often as I would like. But, hopefully in the future we can make those trips or have them come down here for christmas vacations or summer. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Chunky Monkey

My little baby has grown quite a bit and has finally conquered crawling. He crawls like a speed demon! I chuckle watching his little behind wiggle back and forth as he darts through a room with eyes set on a toy. He also has begun the process of standing by himself and walking. He will stand by the door and try to reach his little fingers to the doorknob only to be just a few inches too short. With assistance he is able to make a few steps but that is it. He would much rather crawl for the time being. I am more than happy to see him continue crawling until he is ready to make it to the next milestone.

The speaking has begun and I hope he won't fall into the same rut that his older brother has. I am not saying a speech delay is bad, just that it could make things a little more difficult.  Hearing the babble he says on a daily basis seems to make one wonder how the concept of repetitiveness is acquired and learnt, but then again without repetitiveness one couldn't learn the basics like speech. For now Kyan is learning "maa maa" and "naa naa". He will sit and play while he says those over and over. 

The cuteness in a baby giggle is precious and my Kyan's is pretty darn cute. We will play tickle monster just so mommy can hear him giggle. His face lights up and the love that pours out his giggle is priceless. The two little teeth that he does have just makes the huge open mouthed giggle more cute. 

The joys of being a mommy just gets better and better with each day. There are better days than others, and as each day ends and we close our eyes to go to sleep we hope that the next day will bring new challenges and growth.

Kota Bear

My first born child is growing and learning everyday. I love watching him experience things and learn things for himself.  We have started to say the alphabet and to hear him try to say the letters is just an experience every parent can understand. All a parent can ask for is that their child does their very best in each and everything that they do.. talking included. With how the complicated language english really is, I know my child will be an exceptional talker in his own way. He is my flesh and blood, after all. His latest is making a clicking sound at the end of words he uses. I chuckle each time he does it because it is just so cute to hear him try to pronounce the word correctly. I really love how he has made his learning fun.

He loves to play with all his toys. And that does include dumping his whole toybox out on the floor just to walk away from them distracted by a toy that was out the whole time. His favorite would have to be his cars and trucks or as he calls them "vroom vroom". When we go into town to pick up his daddy from work he loves to look at the big trucks in the yard. His daddy has even taken him up in the boom truck. Of course, me being terrified of heights almost passed out when I saw them both waaaaayy up in the air. Dakota also loves to drive his little 4x4 truck around the yard. He looks so proud to be in control of where he wants to go. I know he will love to drive his little brother around once Kyan gets old enough to ride in it. So, in the meantime he has the joy of trying to drive over his dog, Chief. Lol, now that may sound cute and all but I have to get after Dakota for trying to drive over the dog. If he does this to the dog, I don't want to think about what he will do to his little brother! All the cars and trucks he has to play with inside he will line them up in a row and call them his "choo choo".

Kota loves to be an older brother, but I am noticing more and more the jealousy of being an older sibling. I am trying to let Dakota know that being an older sibling can be fun. They will crawl around the house laughing and giggling and having fun. I really do like to see their smiles when they play together. And I am sure other new parents feel the same way with their children. Dakota and Kyan are well on their way to being the best of friends and I couldn't have asked for a better two boys than these two. Of course, they are also at the stage of hurting each other just to get a rise out of me or their daddy. Dakota has a habit of pushing or sitting on his brother. And Kyan will pull Dakota's hair. Those are also just the beginning of many more tears that will come.

Another big step for Dakota has been his ability to let water run down his face. He would scream at the top of his lungs when water got on his face while he was in the tub. His scream is a piercing one so being in an room that echo's just makes it hurt the ears even more. Within the last week his daddy has let him into the shower where he has had to make the adjustment of water on his face. I can hear him laughing, so I guess the water falling tickles his face. It is quite the big difference than hearing that piercing scream I was used to hearing.
He also has his favorite television shows that he loves to watch. His favorite is SpongeBob Squarepants or as he calls it "Bob bob". There is something about that show that will always make me laugh. Dakota will  make crabby patties and serve them. He is growing a little collection of spongebob toys that he likes to play with including his latest, a Spongebob hat that he likes to wear around. I am happy to say that I will never know the entire Spongebob song, hopefully. Maybe he will grow out of this phase and move onto another cartoon like Spiderman or Batman.

My toddler has grown so much and this is just the beginning of many more experiences for him. I am excited to continue to watch this sweet young boy grow into a strong man. I just hope that he will remember how much his mommy loves him.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

not much but a little

Where do I begin?  My two sweet boys are growing up before my eyes. Dakota is learning his numbers and alphabet. He still has a hard time pronouncing but with time and help I know he will get a grasp of this complicated English language. Kyan is crawling like a little pro and is learning to pull himself up to his feet. He will stand by himself for a few seconds and when he realizes he is standing he will smile. 
The hot and humid summer weather has not been pleasant. This is the one season I really dread living in Louisiana. The humidity is so sticky I really don't find it fun to be outside. Dakota will play outside every once in a while but then when he comes inside he is sweating so much. So, our days are spent inside until the sun isn't so hot. 
We have decided to leave the alligators alone. From time to time Cliff will go back there to see if any are in the pond, but he hasn't noticed anything for sometime now. I just hope that if there are any they will stay there or move onto some other pond. My understanding is that just down the road from us there is an alligator farm so, there will always be alligators around this pond. I have also learnt that the alligators like to eat dogs. Not a nice thought seeing as how our dog Chief likes to run around back there and he has a vision problem. I have seen him roaming around that area a few times, so hopefully he knows. If not, I guess there is not much I can do about it. He refuses to be tied up and we don't have a fenced in yard. 
I have been trying to get motivated to get my body back into shape. It is nice that I finally fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, I just wish that I was more toned than I am. I have started and stopped with my exercises more times than I can count this year. One of these days, hopefully in the near future, I will get it right and stick with it.