Monday, September 19, 2011

It's party time!

Dakota turned three on the twelfth of September. We decided that this year we would try to have a gathering at our place the following Saturday. So, with a lot of stress about the theme we came up with Phineas and Ferb, Dakota's new favorite cartoon. Dakota talked about having his party all week and friends coming over. It was real cute to hear him get so excited for his party. He would ask every morning about his cake and I would have to tell him how many more sleeps. The morning of his party he was so excited his little face was beaming. He kept saying, "today. friends. party". 

The party people all hanging out. It was a beautiful day to have a party. Couldn't have asked for a more breezy sunny day.
 Dakota and his new friend, Jaiden. The boys all had a blast in Dakota's truck. They were driving that all over the yard. His truck was the main toy all the kids loved. He shared his truck and didn't get upset at all when he wasn't able to drive it. I am so proud of him. He definitely has a great personality. Love him to death. :)
 Playing one of the games. The kids had to wrap each other up like a mommy and run. Dakota was the last to get wrapped. He stood so still and let Jaiden wrap him up. These two were so cute. Even though this was the only game the kids played it was cute to watch.
 One of the presents Dakota received. Him and Ryder checking it out. It is a Vtech computer. Hopefully now he will use this one instead of my laptop. Hopefully.
 The birthday cake. Phineas and Ferb. It was marble cake with butter icing and it was so yummy!
 Justin actually smiling, but Halle making the funny faces. First picture I got with Justin lookin nice. I love these two so much.
 Pretty Hayden. Such a cute little girl. So happy all the time. Love this little girl!
Kyan decided to climb into his walker all by himself. Even though he is backwards. So proud of himself!!

The party was a success. Even though we didn't play all the games I had planned, just having people over to help us celebrate Dakota's birthday was all we wanted. Now that we know we can do this, we think we will try again next year. Dakota is still talking about his friends and his party. To see the joy and smiles light up his face is the best feeling a mommy could have. I love being a mommy!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

We have really been lucky to not have a hurricane or tropical storm in a couple years. I didn't know about Lee until he was almost here!! Turned on the weather to hear that there was a storm in the Gulf. Boy, did I almost freak out!! Then I saw it was a tropical storm. Still a little worrisome when there is a lot of wind involved. All that night the rains and the wind came. Fortunately we didn't have too much damage... other than Dakota's toys blown all over the yard and back by the pond. We had to make a trip into Gonzales to get groceries so off we went. I decided to take the camera just in case we came across any thing interesting. 

and we found this!! tree took out the line.. just the lines. poles a little slanted.. but no injuries..

The water is up, but not flooding the road.. yet.. as of Sunday (today) our road was shut down because of flooding.

 Flooding on the island..  Head of Island is what it is called. we know the owner and he wasn't home. good thing he put his motorbike on his porch! 
Apparently this man was smart when he built his house.. put a levee around so when it rains he doesn't flood. there is usually just grass there.. It is all around his property.

We still have the rain falling and every once in a while our television will get that tornado siren warning us of tornado's. Haven't heard any touch down anywhere close to us which is good. I don't like tornado's or anything that sounds remotely close to one. The greatest is that we still have power. So we are thanking our lucky stars and hoping this storm will pass over.