Saturday, November 26, 2011


   This new area we live in is definitely a great new experience for both boys. We have been used to living out in the country with no kids around that they can get to know. The first weekend here Dakota already made new friends. He still is excited to go outside and play with his friends. Even when the neighborhood kids aren't around, Dakota still enjoys going outside to ride his bike.
     Dakota got himself all ready to go outside. He is so proud that he can dress himself.
 My little pirate. His earring isn't exactly on his ear, but it is close. He scored quite well in the candy department! Once he got the idea of what he needed to do to get candy he was all for it. His first year this year walking up to the houses and actually "trick-o-treatin" . ;)
                     Kyan the walking, flirting, baby spider. ;)
 Now that Halloween has come and gone we can prepare for Kyan's first birthday and then the holidays.
I cannot believe that my little walking baby Kyan will be a year old in just a few weeks. It definitely seems like just yesterday I had found out I was expecting. The milestones have just begun with this boy. His little personality is coming out strong. He is my little chatterbox. Always jabbering and I must not forget his little dancing moves he has begun to show.