Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Outside my window

    Dakota loves to be outside and this time of year it is absolutely beautiful outside. This is the time of year I love to live here. The weather isn't hot and humid or cold and rainy. Perfect for the toddler that loves to play all day outside in a t-shirt and jeans with his little friends. He loves to share his toys with them when they come over to play.
    The little girl that lives down the road. She is a sweetie.
    Dakota is getting to be so good at this driving thing.
    Of course, big brother has to help his little brother drive this thing. Kyan is looking at me like, hey I got this.  Dakota loves to help his little brother play. The new little boy that moved in across the street from us. He likes to be a little too hard on Dakota's toys. I have to keep an eye on him when he comes over.  He is playing with Dakota's new Christmas toy here and kept driving the car into the back of the four wheeler.
    This is the horse I believe Kota thinks is cows. I had to constantly tell him they were horses because he would say, "look mom, cows!". It would make me chuckle. He is so precious and cute when he talks. He knows they are horses now. :)
Ahh. yes. The back of the beautiful house I love to look at. They own the "cows". I think Dakota and I counted six or seven horses one day.