Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hoo Shoo Too

There is a lot of little areas around here with nice big beautiful houses. I am constantly in awe at the size of these homes.  Hoo Shoo Too is a road that has some new big homes. Of course they are in a gated community so I couldn't get better pictures of the sheer size.. lol..

I fell in love with this home the moment i saw that it had stables right close.. oh and the paved road from the stables to the field.  This one is my favorite.
Another big beautiful home. I often wonder how long it takes for someone to clean something this large. I am sure they have people that do the cleaning for them, but the thought of one single woman/man cleaning these...
yes. That is one house. I am sure there is more garage and roof than actual house, but I still think these ginormous homes are beautiful.

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