Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My growing boys

 My little Kyan. He is growing so fast. Lately his thing is trying to be just like his big brother. Following Kota everywhere. Eating everything and then some that his brother has. Walking and now even running. He is growing way too fast for me. :(
I have started the process of potty training this one. It has just become the new idea Kyan has grasped. I have put him on both the baby potty and the big people potty. Either one seems like just a new toy for him to sit on. No success in anything being left, but he sure smiles a lot just sitting there. I really hope that he is just as easy to train as his big brother was.
When I ask him what his name is his response is "Tota Bear". He is my big growing boy. Learning new things everyday. He is officially a big boy now. He is fully potty trained. No more diapers what so ever.. not even at night!! He has been a very easy child to train.
We have been waiting patiently to hear back from the school about when Dakota will start. My guess is that he will start during the new school year seeing as how school lets out in just a couple months. Dakota has been improving on his speaking. He has learned quite a few more words, and is making sentences. His counting is wonderful, if six and seven weren't numbers.
My two energetic boys. They are the cutest little things to enter my life and I am thankful everyday to have them. Watching them grow and learn new experiences are a blessing any mother is grateful for. I can sit and stare at them figure a toy out or watch them play cars with each other and be in heaven. The greatest gift I could have ever been given is these two.

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